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The Association of Finnish Printmakers is a national association whose members use graphic methods for artistic expression.

Printmaking is today a diverse and vivacious artistic genre, where both traditionalists and radicals can be found. There are as many idioms as there are artists. The Association has 370 members.

The Association of Finnish Printmakers was founded in 1931, originally to improve the status and appreciation of graphic artists and to increase opportunities for exhibiting works both in Finland and abroad. The Association continues to pursue this agenda, to safeguard its members’ professional interests and to create better working conditions and exhibition potential. The Association also provides expert consultations for public administration decisions involving art,
and distributes information on current issues in printmaking to its membership and to the public at large.

The Association of Finnish Printmakers is in close cooperation with other
Finnish artists’ organizations
and also manages contacts with foreign organizations, primarily the Nordisk Grafik Union.