An artist, who has shown professional merit in either fine art printmaking or as a drawing artist can be chosen to be a member of The Association of Finnish Printmakers.


The application form below should include personal information, art education and professional work experience as an artist. Also, a description of yourself as an artist (artist’s statement), CV, 8-10 samples of artwork and the following information of the samples (name of the art work, year, technique and measurements).

A membership committee will review the applications twice a year. The committee consists of The Board of the Association and five members who have been chosen by the association’s annual autumn meeting. The membership committee changes every year.

The due dates for sending applications are the 15th May (for spring) and the 15th November (for autumn).

The handling fee for the application is 20 €, which is due the same date as the application is.
Please pay the fee to the association’s bank account: FI94 4108 0010 3197 81
Add also the following information to the message field: Membership *current year*/your name.

The Association of Finnish Printmakers is for professional artists and therefore membership is for those who work in a professional manner as a visual artist.

The applying artist can be versatile in making of art and can cover other fields of visual arts besides printmaking or drawing. One of the strongest reasons for applying the membership, however, is the so-called printmaker’s or drawing artist’s identity. Therefore, it is important to let the jury know the reasons why one is applying the membership of the association.

Please add some pictures from the exhibitions you have had. Also, let the board know if you have done some other artistic work, e g. involvement in different work communities, multidisciplinary art events, art happenings or some other activities which you think are important in your work as a professional artist. Tell also about you future goals and work opportunities which are already confirmed.

The Association of Finnish Printmakers is a national organization and the activity of the applicant is going to be observed widely. Even though the applicant can be very active in his/her own residential area, it is not necessarily enough if the nationwide showcase is still missing. The applicant is going to be reviewed mainly based on the his/her current activity as an artist. If there has been a break from working, it is good to explain why so (e g. maternity leave).

The results of the selection will be informed by mail to the applicants after the the jury has assembled. The yearly membership fee is 155 €.


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